The Children’s Assessment Center (CAC) facilitates multidisciplinary cooperation with its partner agencies which fosters a unified response for families in need. Team members from these partner agencies meet on a monthly basis for training and case review. The multidisciplinary approach protects suspected child victims of abuse from undergoing multiple, duplicative interviews and examinations for child protective, law enforcement, medical, legal and clinical purposes.

The CAC offers a one-stop shop, with a child-friendly environment where specially-trained forensic pediatricians conduct evidentiary medical examinations and are able to provide expert witness testimony in court as needed. Experienced forensic interviewers talk with children while social workers, police officers, and other professionals observe through a one-way mirror. The forensic interviewer is available to testify in court as needed. A victim witness advocate is available to meet with families, give crisis intervention support and provide referrals for therapy and other services. Trauma-focused therapy services are available onsite at the CAC and are provided by Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.